Core business

KENSTONE specialises in the calculation of real estate market values and property lending values. We examine property in its local, regional and national markets and analyse its individual strenghts and weaknesses. Valuations are made on the basis of both traditional, standardised procedures and also non-standard dynamic methods.

Further fields of activity

KENSTONE also offers many other services reflecting the demands of Basle IV, CRD, CRR and IAS/IFRS regulations, which impose new requirements to disclose current property values within corporate balance sheets. These services include portfolio valuations, due diligence investigation, building progress reports, market and location analyses and consulting. They complement pure calculation of market and lending values, since banks and investors now expect an external professional perspective on both property values and market risks. Increasingly, not only single properties but also complete credit and property portfolios require investors' attention. All the more reason to rely on the expertise of a multi-disciplinary team. KENSTONE is the single source for a comprehensive range of property valuation services.


Our clients include national and international banks, insurance companies, institutional investors, corporate property owners and also tax accountants and auditors.

We prepare several thousnad independent valuations of allkinds of properties every year for the Commerzbank Group. Their most frequent requirements are market value and lending value assessments.

The knowledge, skills and market data gained though this work is accessible to all our clients.

KENSTONE presentation

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