June 20th., 2018

KENSTONE valuers day 2018 in Berlin

KENSTONE's valuers days are a yearly institution: Again we have invited you to our 11th KENSTONE valuers day on June 15th., 2018 in Berlin. Real Estate professionals - representatives from finance, investment, asset management and real estate appraisal - gathered in Berlin and discussed about the real estate market, investment options, valuation topics and retail analysis.

Are you interested to join the next KENSTONE Valuers Day in 2019? Simply sign on by writing us: immobilientag@kenstone.de or call us: 0049 . 30 . 2653-2072

Here you will find the programme of the 11th KENSTONE Valuers Day.


Here you will find some impressions of the KENSTONE valuers day 2016 in Berlin: