March 21th. 2016

Close cooperation between KENSTONE Real Estate Valuers and CREDIT CFONCIER IMMOBILIER - Valuation for European valuations

In order to develop the best services for their clients, CREDIT FONCIER IMMOBILIER _ Valuation, the number 1 valuer in France, and KENSTONE REAL ESTATE VALUERS, one of the major valuation groups in Germany, have decided to improve their cooperation in the field of European valuation.

Clients of KENSTONE Real Estate Valuers and CREDIT FONCIER IMMOBILIER - Valuation have become more global, and the demand for valuations of significant portfolios in Europe is increasing.

It has become mutually beneficial for the two companies to create a strong and effective strategic platform for their clients, in order to deliver high quality valuations all over Europe.

Both partners will bring their international networks together to offer a comprehensive solution for global operating investros and financial institutions.

The companies already have an established successful track-record together in the valuation of European portfolios.

Here you find the press-declaration dated March 14th. 2016 just before the MIPIM:

Cooperation KENSTONE - Credit Foncier Immobilier (PDF, 90 kB)