With KENSTONE you are choosing an experienced, independent partner with comprehensive expertise in all areas of property valuation. These are the fields in which we work:

Market value pricing

Market value reporting for all kinds and sizes of buildings is our core expertise. It is the essential foundation for property investment, credit assessment, risk policy and balance-shett decisions. More

Calculation of mortage lending value

Unlike market value, which prices a property on an effective date, the mortgage lending value reflects the achievable price for a property throughout the period of a loan. More

Portfolio valuations and due diligence analysis

The valuation of property portfolios has gained in importance, both for acquisition, analysis and monitoring of real estate value. More

Market and property rating

Market and property rating is gaining in importance, particularly for investment and credit decisions, portfolio valuations and risk analysis, and also for market value calculations in accordance with IAS/IFRS. More

Plausibility checks of third party valuations

If valuations by others already exist when property investments are made, these are often based on effective valuation dates in the past or changed market or property conditions. More

Analysis of markets, locations competitions and feasability studies

When planning a development or redevelopment, many kinds of studies are necessary to assess the actual opportunities and risks of an investment. More

Monitoring construction projects

Progress reports, cost control and allocation of resources checks are essential tools for lenders and investors to monitor the progress of a construction project. More


In addition to all the above products, KENSTONE offers objective consultancy services to support clients on all matters connected with property valuation. More