About us

Even before an idea turns into stone, it is important to weigh up all opportunities and risks. Our certificated valuers are qualified to the highest professional standards in Germany (HypZert, MRICS). They combine both the visionary outlook of real estate investors with the sustainable analysis of mortgage lenders and bankers. This comprehensive competence ensures the highest degree of professionalism and reliability - and success that literally crosses boundaries: After all, our experts are also internationally oriented.


The European Valuers Alliance, or EVA for short, describes the merger of nine major valuation companies of the largest European real estate markets. The prerequisite for membership is "an outstanding position and expertise in the respective home country".

A total of around 250 experts evaluate properties in Germany, France, Great Britain, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland, Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Turkey. The German market is represented by KENSTONE Real Estate Valuers.


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