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News |20.02.2023

MIPIM 2023: KENSTONE and EVA are back

KENSTONE Real Estate Valuers and EVA, as the European alliance for property valuation , will once again be the personal contacts for their national and international clients at MIPIM 2023 in Cannes. The MIPIM will take place from 14.-17.03.2023.

In addition to BPCE Expertises immobilières (Paris) and KENSTONE (Frankfurt am Main), the alliance includes real estate experts from the following companies: Cluttons (London), Stadim (Antwerp), Wüest & Partner (Zurich), MJ Group (Madrid and London), FORUM Fastighetsekonomi (Stockholm), Values (Athens), VERIDIAN ANALYZE AS. (Oslo), ACONS (Warsaw), DENGE(Istanbul), ADVANCE VALUATIONS (Sofia).

This network gives each member the opportunity to offer their customers the highest level of expertise at European level, based on uniform and independent evaluation services.

EVA comprises more than 750 professional property appraisers in 15 countries. In 2021 , valuations with a total market value of more than 500 billion were carried out by the participating companies € carried out.

Here you will find the link to EVA.

EVA – Europe's leading valuation companies (