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Michael Brandl

News |10.10.2022

New Mortgage Lending Value Regulation: valid from 07.10.2022 !

New Mortgage Lending Value Regulation: valid from 07.10.2022 !

Long awaited and then "immediately" entered into force. KENSTONE Real Estate Valuers will apply the new provisions from the amendment of BelWertV for all mortgage value assessments as of the value assessment date 08.10.2022. You can find out which changes are in detail in our presentation.

BelWert-Novellierung Vortrag Dr. Brandl, EXPO REAL 2022  (8.8 MB)

or as webbased version:

It is clear that the requirements for the determination of the mortgage lending value by BAFIN are now becoming more complex, and in some cases the circle is closed to the existing requirements from the EBA guidelines on loan origination and monitoring. Time series and comparables are included in the valuation as well as the dynamization of capitalization rates. The requirements for profitable objects with negative net income are also becoming much more comprehensive.

Overall, it remains to be noted that the professional qualifications and competence of the property surveyors are increasingly being demanded. The highly qualified team of KENSTONE Real Estate Valuers is excellently positioned here, even if a transitional period for the entry into force, for example, on 01.01.2023, would have been desirable.