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News |20.07.2023

New Regional Manager Frankfurt

Our longtime regional manager, Peter Kalker, retired on 30.06.2023. Peter Kalker has successfully managed the KENSTONE Frankfurt site for over 15 years. In addition to his managerial work, he wanted to pass on his extensive knowledge and know-how to his colleagues, from which we all benefited.

Lothar Steiner will succeed as the new regional manager. After studying architecture, he has been active as an appraiser and analyst in the banking sector for around three decades. Mr. Steiner joined KENSTONE in 2015 and was a senior appraiser at the Frankfurt site and representative of Peter Kalker until he took office.

Lothar Steiner is the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyers (MRICS) certified by the HypZert (F) and a member of the HypZert.

With a small but delicious breakfast, the new regional manager was warmly welcomed on 18.07.2023 by his team in his new function.

We are looking forward to working together in a well-rehearsed, experienced team and wish him a good start!